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We have loved becoming upholsterers and remember how it feels to learn a new craft. It is important to have plenty of one to one instruction time, to have the right tools and equipment, dedicated upholstery benches and an inspiring, comfortable workshop. 

Upholstery is a tactile craft and involves many techniques and processes. These require practice and repetition, the rewards are plentiful and the joy of creating spurs you on to want to create more.


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Tuition timetable:

  • Our weekday sessions run throughout the year except for holiday periods and ArtWeek Festivals. Tuesday and Wednesday sessions are 3 hours long with a maximum of 3 students per session -9.00am  - 12.00 noon, and 2.00 - 5.00pm
  • Our Saturday sessions run in terms, with breaks in May, August and December. Saturday sessions are 4 hours long with a maximum of 4 students per session - 9.30am - 1.30pm.
  • All sessions include a drink and biscuit break.
  • See our full workshop calendar for details of weekday and weekend sessions.


Before starting upholstery lessons:

  • Find a suitable project - We recommend you start small and discover the materials and processes you need to learn and reach the finish quickly. A drop-in dining chair or footstool is an ideal beginner’s project.
  • Think about where your project will live and what you might want to cover it in. We can help you find the right type of fabric for your project and explain the difference between soft furnishing and upholstery fabrics and the relevance of fire retardant treatments.


How to book onto a group:

  • If you would like to start upholstery sessions please email or telephone.   
  • Let us know what day and time suits you, if there is a space in that group we'll get you started straight away, otherwise we'll add you to a waiting list for that time. Spaces become available all the time as students complete their chairs. 
  • We will allocate places on a first come first served basis.



  • Each session cost £50.00 and is payable on the day either by cash, card or cheque.
  • Advance payment for a group of sessions is possible.
  • If you have to cancel you session with less than a week’s notice you will be charged half the cost of your session. 
  • Advance notice is free.
  • Materials used on your project will be charged for on a monthly basis or at the end of your project depending on its size.


Be creative, learn a new skill and make new friends.


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