Upholstery Commissions


We are professional upholsterers who enjoy using techniques and materials that have stood the test of time and produce quality results.

We love to sympathetically restore old, damaged and tired furniture into beautiful and relevant pieces whilst maintaining their history and integrity.

We enjoy nothing more than fulfilling our customers' requirements by guiding them through the design stage and upholstery processes so that their completed piece is perfect for its setting, structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. If you are interested in discussing a potential commission please telephone or email the workshop. If you are able to send a photograph of your piece that is really helpful.

 The cost of renovation is based on four areas:

•    The condition of the frame
•    The fabric you would like to use
•    The type of stuffing needed
•    The length of time needed to complete the work




One of the difficulties of renovating an old piece of furniture is that until all the covers and stuffing have been removed it is impossible to assess the integrity of the frame and any repairs that may be needed. It may be necessary to strengthen joints, fill old tack holes or replace areas of damaged wood before the  re-upholstery process can begin.

We will liaise with you throughout the refurbishment process and discuss any repairs that may be necessary, keeping you in full control of your project.




Traditional stuffings can be expensive and the process of re-upholstering is time consuming, but the results should outlast any modern counterpart.
The process of stitching edges and manipulating filling materials means that form and strength can be created which is not possible with modern foams.
Fire retardancy is always considered when re-upholstering.




Choosing the top fabric is one of the most enjoyable aspects of re-upholstery. A fabric needs to fit different criteria:
•    It must be suitable for the job
•    It needs to fit into your scheme
•    It needs to fit your budget



Traditional upholstery is an exacting craft; this can make the process more labour intensive than modern factory made furniture. It requires effort, judgement and constant assessment. Creating the shape and form of a traditionally upholstered chair is time consuming but the results are well worth the effort and expense.


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